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An Easy day of healthy meals, at home or on the go.

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

STEP 1 : Greens, Probiotics, & Vitamins

Lauren's greens:


6 Drops AG1 D3+K2


In the Ag1 blender bottle, add all ingredients and shake well.

After your AG1, prepare breakfast

Step 2- breakfast : Protein, caffeine, & Super foods

Lauren's SuperMushoom Adaptogen Coffee:

MUD\WTR mushroom Coffee
8 oz hot organic coconut milk
1 Scoop collagen peptide
1 tbs local honey


1. grab your favorite mug. (Mine is a beautiful black one from J Dusi Vinyard in Paso Robles, from a trip to california a few years back.) Anyway, warm up your coconut milk, drop a tablespoon of MUD\WTR in it, a scoop of collagen, and blend using a hand frother, and stir in a tablespoon of local raw honey.

Laurens at-home Breakfast :

1 organic fresh Egg, cooked in olive oil, over-medium, dusted with salt, pepper, & turmeric powder (or poached in apple cider vinegar water)
1 out-of-the-garden organic Sliced tomato, salt & pepper
1 slice organic sprouted grain bread, toasted, and buttered with Grass Fed Butter or Grass Fed Ghee
1/2 avocado, sliced or mashed, salt and fresh lime juice
2 TBS Microgreens

Fruit Salad:
1/2 cup fresh organic pineapple,
1/2 cup fresh organic strawberries
1/3 cup organic blueberries


Layer your toast with avocado, tomato, eggs, and top with microgreens. Serve with a side of fruit, sliced and tossed and a cup of mushroom coffee.

Laurens on-the-go Breakfast :

8 oz Organic Coconut Milk
1 packet of Oats Overnight (i use chocolate chip cookie dough)


In your overnight oats shaker bottle, mix 1 packet of overnight oats with milk and collagen peptides. shake well and place in fridge overnight.

Lunch: Protein, omegas, probiotics, & Super foods

Laurens at-home Lunch:

4 oz filet of salmon, marinated in 1tbs pure maple syrup, 1 tbs coconut aminos, 1 tbs coconut oil, salt, pepper, &1 clove minced garlic. Smoke it at 250 degrees for 4 minutes.
1 1/2 cups Organic Greens, chopped
1 tbs sprouted organic pumpkin seeds
1 small avocado, cubed
8-10 cherry tomoatos, halved
1 tbs Fine-Diced red onion,
Salt, pepper, and dressing of choice.
I use olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, turmeric, italian seasoning, seeded brown mustard, pure maple syrup, red pepper flakes & lemon juice.


Layer your salad, with vegetables, top with salmon, and drizzle lightly with dressing.

Laurens on-the-go Lunch:

2 scoops VitaHustle ONE Protein (i use chocolate)


Prepare the night before. In a blender, mix your cashew milk with 2 scoops of Vitahustle Protein and 2 scoops Collagen. Blend thoroughly. Transfer to a shaker bottle and place in fridge overnight.

dinner: Protein, omegas, probiotics, & Super foods

Lauren's Favorite Dinner:

6oz salmon filet marinated in 1 tbs coconut sugar, 1 tbs coconut aminos, 1 tbs coconut oil, 1 tsp lime juice, salt, pepper, & 1 clove minced garlic. Smoke it at 250 degrees for 5 minutes.

1 cup fine chopped spinach, lighty sauteed in coconut oil with sprouted pumpkin seeds, salt and pepper

4 oz Mango basmati rice, steam rice with fine diced mango

1/2 avocado, lime juice, salt, pepper

Pineapple salsa (fine diced organic pineapple, jalepeno, cucumber, tomato, red onion, cilantro, salt, and lime juice)

Roasted Summer vegetables- Organic, sliced yellow squash, sliced zucchini, sliced portabella mushrooms, thin sliced red onion, and sliced multi-colored bell pepper tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh minced garlic, place on a foil lined baking sheet and roast for 6-10 miniutes at 350 degrees until desired tenderness. Top with cilantro microgreens.

Tropical Mocktail- In a large cocktail glass, fill 1/2 way with frozen organic pineapple, 4 oz Bolthouse farms C-boost, 2 oz organic papaya juice, and top with coconut sparkling water. Garnish with a pineapple leaf.

Layer smoked salmon on a bed of mango rice that is topped with sauteed spinach, top salmon with sliced avocado and a heavy dose of pineapple salsa, and serve with roasted squash. Top everything with cilantro microgreens. Serve with a tropical mocktail.

snacks: Protein, omegas, & Super foods

Laurens Favorite Healthy Snacks:

-"Marys Gone Nuts" Seed Crackers and Organic Cold Vegetables dipped in Organic Garlic Hummus, topped with organic sprouted pumpkin seeds, red pepper flakes, fresh herbs, and olive oil.

-Herb Salad- quinoa, tomatos, chickpeas, onion, olives, fresh basil, parsley, lemon, Primal Greek Vinaigrette

-Heart Healthy Nuts (cashew, almond, pistachio, cashew, macadamia) dipped in homemade Guacamole, made with organic avocados, fine diced organic tomato, jalepeno, and red onion, lime juice, cilantro, salt.

-Organic English Cucumbers, sliced and topped with aged goat cheese, & olives

- Nut Crackers topped with aged goat cheese, fresh basil leaves, and sliced cherry tomatos marinated in Primal Kitchen Italian Vinaigrette.



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