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Updated: Apr 26

By Lauren Wallace “What is bone broth?” “What does it do?” “What is in it?” I get these questions a lot. And, to be honest, there are so many benefits that it is nearly impossible to explain all of it within the inquirers 30 second attention span. So, I decided to explain it in the fastest and most straight-to-the-point way possible. Here we go. What is bone broth?” Bone broth is simply organic free range/ grass fed animal bones, slow simmered over a few days with organic vegetables and herbs. The low-and-slow simmering method causes the bones and ligaments to release proteins, antioxidants, minerals, and healing compounds like collagen, gelatin, proline, glycine and glutamine that have the power to literally transform your health. The vegetables and herbs work together with the bones to create a synergistic effect. What does that mean? Essentially this allows both the bones and the vegetables/ herbs to aid the other in breaking down, which means working together is proven to be more beneficial than either alone. This beautiful breakdown of what many would consider to be scraps, turns into the biggest nutritional hype since the revolution of the nutrition chart- Bone Broth.

Now, if you take nothing else away from this article, take this little nugget of wisdom–

Not all “bone broth”, is actual bone broth.

Sorry to burst your bubble. REAL bone broth is not found in the yellow box on the shelves of Kroger, between the Swanson chicken stock and low sodium beef broth. If I can stress anything enough, it is the importance to understand that most store-bought “stock”, “broth”, and “bone broths” today are not actually “real.” Instead, companies use lab-produced meat flavors in stocks, broths, bouillon cubes, soups, and sauce mixes. Some of the “bone broth” companies claim that they “use real bones”, however the truth is, they drop a bone or two in their artificially flavored broth for a few minutes, so that they can justify the title. In fact, most manufacturers are actually using monosodium glutamate (MSG), which is recognized as a “meat flavor” but is actually a neurotoxin. Yum, right? Long story short, either make it yourself, or buy from a reliable company (hi) that actually does it right. If it doesn’t say “made with free range/ grass fed bones” and “simmered for at least 24 hours” on it, move along. Issa fake. “What does it do?” Bone broth benefits literally every part of your body, from your gut, thyroid, and liver to your brain, muscles, and ligaments. Doctors, scientists, & nutritionists alike are completely astounded. Bone broth is the life changing, collagen and gelatin restoring, whole-body detoxifying, autoimmune disorder eliminating, leaky gut banishing, thyroid healing, age reversing, metabolism and immune boosting, allergies/ intolerances/ asthma/ arthritis eradicating, caffeine-replacing, wrinkle reducing, time machine replicating, all-natural multivitamin, all mixed up in a deliciously easy-to-digest sippable liquid form.

Athletes use it to recover and build muscle, trainers use it to curb appetite and lose weight, and normal humans with leaky gut use it to live normally. I have seen autoimmune patients recover, long-term hashimoto’s patients go into remission, and patients receiving chemo SWEAR by this stuff. It is GOLD.

What is in it?” I am so glad you asked. Pay attention, you may recognize many of these. Bone broth contains all of the following:


· calcium · magnesium · phosphorus · silicon · sulphur