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Dayton Local Meat & Produce | Local, sustainable, ethical, & H&A free.

Updated: Apr 6

"Eat local!" "Eat seasonal!" "Eat sustainable!" . OK, cool...so, how?

With a Kroger or Walmart on ever corner, its really hard to know just what kind of food you are buying. Even with the "organic" section of most super markets or the more tailored markets like Fresh Thyme and Amazon's own- Whole Foods Market, getting the best produce is not always easy. There are a dime-a-dozen online produce shops that promise to deliver only the freshest organic ingredients to your door, and that's cool. BUT, how can you ensure you are eating the best quality meat and produce when you don't even know where it is coming from? Short of growing it yourself, there are limitations to your shopping.

Let's be honest, most of us do not have the space, knowledge, or time to raise our own poultry, livestock, or grow our own produce. Especially, the right way. Local, organic, free range, grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free, chemical free, and sustainably grown/ raised with the humane and ethical practices and a zero waste initiative- that is not an easy job. But that is the healthiest, most natural, nutrient dense, farm-to-table food you can eat. Providing that level of mindful and intentional nutrition, is a full time job that farmers with only the highest level of education, ethic, and moral can provide.

So, how do you find that? Well, if you are a Dayton, OH local, I have done the legwork for you. For those that are not, farmers markets, pop-up markets, local farms, and Amish markets are available with just a little research. Once you find a good one, ask them where they buy their meats, produce, honey, eggs, and dairy product. Farmers with like-minded ethical and naturalistic practices, tend to know one another.

Here are some Dayton local vendors and farms that supply just what the Doctor ordered.

Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Hog, & Eggs:

For grass fed, free range, hormone and antibiotic free meats and eggs, look no further than Carrol Creek Farms. This local farm believes in raising their animals humanely and sustainably, caring for them naturally while cultivating the natural ecosystem that they are a part of. Their animals feed and forage from the very grounds they are free to roam. Bring the kids when you stop in for your meats- they have an adorable little petting area with all of the baby animals, right outside their meat shop. And, never hesitate to ask for a tour- they will show you the different pastures, grazing fields, and wooded lots that the animals have made their homes. For larger orders, call ahead. Jess and Adam provide only the most natural, highest quality, and wholesomely raised meats and eggs, including:

-100% Grass fed Beef (Angus & Hereford)

-Woodlot raised Berkshire Hogs

-Pasture Raised Grass Fed Lamb (Katahdins)

-Free Range Chicken (Broiler Chickens)

-Pasture Raised Free Range Eggs (Brown, Green, White)

Visit them at the 2nd Street Market, at their Meat Retreat shop- located right on the farm, or order on their website, Carrollcreekfarms.com.


If you are searching for pasture raised all- American U.S.D.A. Bison that is humanely, ethically & sustainably raised, and always free of hormones & antibiotics, Pencil Bison Ranch is the place for you. Megan and Jeb, the owners and caretakers, take pride in their love for their herd and their passion for the natural approach for meats, as nature intended.

Visit them on their ranch in Urbana, at the second street market, or online at https://pencilbisonranch.com/about-us/


Finding big juicy turkeys that are sustainably raised, free range organic, Non-GMO, pasture raised, and free of antibiotics and hormones seemed like and impossible mission- that is, until my husband stumbled across Bowman & Landes. Not only do they raise their poultry ethically and humanely, but they grow all of their own chemical free vegetarian feed, right there at the farm. After the harvest, the feed fields are then minimally tilled and fertilized with turkey compost to replenish the soil, naturally. You cannot offer a better ecosystem, or a more farm-to-table turkey, than that.

Visit them at their shop in New Carlisle, or check them out online: bowmanlandes.com/


I get that "Fresh" seafood may sound slightly oxymoronic, however, as a land locked state, we can still shop for the best version of "Fresh" fish and seafood that we can get. Aside from using an online delivery service like Sizzle Fish or subscription service like Wild Alaskan Company , your best bet is finding a wild and sustainably harvested fishery. For us, it is Foremost Seafood, where all of their fish is wild caught, frozen, and transported quickly to the shop. Tom, the owner, used his degree in Marine Biology and National Marine Fisheries Service education to specialize in aqua culture. After spending years traveling the world to help create sustainably sourced fish and seafood market, he returned to Ohio to open a shop that focused on delivering only the highest quality fish and seafood, to the land locked state of Ohio.

Visit their shop in Kettering, or online at https://www.foremostseafood.com/products

Milk, Cheese, Eggs, & Dairy:

In addition to your local Amish markets, there is a little gem that is a must- try. Fresh Start Farm, located in Shelby county, produces and sells only the highest quality milk, cheeses, and dairy product, all of which is locally ethically, and sustainably raised using organic integrity methods. Fresh start is one to get creative- offering different flavors of milk and cheeses that you do not traditionally see. Trust me, and try the peanut butter chocolate milk. It's insanely delicious, and I don't even drink milk!

Their dairy is sold at 2nd street markets or available to purchase online at https://app.barn2door.com/e/3orqa/all.

Organic produce, Honey, Herbs, & natural Goods:

For the freshest, locally sourced, organic, sustainably grown and harvested produce, quality dairy, and free range eggs, look no further than the 2nd street markets powerhouse of local vendors. They have vendors that supply only the best:

-Sustainably sourced local organic produce


-Maple Syrup









-Plus handcrafted Sweets, Treats, candles, gifts, and crafty delights

Spend your next Saturday morning perusing their outdoor market. Due to COVID-19, the market is currently hosted outdoors, weather permitting, with limited hours and masks are required. Due to COVID, I recommend you always double check hours and weather prior to making the trip, on their website.

I hope this was helpful! and as always, reach out with any additional suggestions or questions!

Until next time, stay healthy, my friends <3