• LaurenWallace

Five Foods That Cause Stains And Six Foods That Prevent Them

by Erin Cosgrove

Tired of your teeth looking yellowed and dull, but not sure what’s making them that way? We made you a list of some of the worst teeth-staining foods that make it difficult to maintain a pearly-white smile. And, because we all like to indulge once in a while, we included a few stain-fighting foods that help ward off unwanted discoloration. Smile bright and save. Foods that Stain Looking to keep your teeth as white as can be? Steer clear of these staining culprits, they're ferocious foods that stain teeth after whitening.

  • Pasta Sauce- The tomatoes in pasta sauce contain the perfect storm of staining properties that leave your teeth vulnerable. Between their acidity, bright red color, and tendency to cling onto your teeth, pasta sauce can easily penetrate the enamel and leave unsightly stains.