• LaurenWallace

Good Dental Hygiene Is Critical For Kids With Braces

by Shadra Bruce

Good dental hygiene is crucial for kids with braces. You've seen how excited your child has been anticipating that happy day in the future when the braces finally come off. To make sure his smile is everything he's been hoping for, it's important to keep his teeth clean and ensure that he develops good brushing habits while still wearing braces. If your child will be in braces for any length of time, you can prevent any long-term issues, such as cavities under the braces or discoloration around where the braces are bonded to the teeth, by establishing the following routines: Rinsing and Brushing Three to four times per day, have your child rinse his mouth with water to loosen food that might be caught in the braces, then brush thoroughly. You can learn more about brushing techniques in the Colgate Oral Care resources, but it is i