• LaurenWallace

Hawley Retainer: Proven To Maintain Your Straight Smile

by Donna M. Rounsaville, RDH,BS

Everyone wants a great smile, but getting it can sometimes require wearing braces for two or more years with guidance by an orthodontist – who, rest assured, is uniquely qualified to help you reach that goal. Once the "active" treatment has ended, however, your new smile needs to be maintained by a retainer, the most common of which is the hawley retainer. This appliance literally "retains" your teeth's position by stabilizing them while the bone hardens around them. Patience through this portion of treatment is key to maintaining your new smile. Elements of a Hawley Retainer The hawley appliance is one of the oldest types of retainers used post-treatment. A removable item, it's made of