• LaurenWallace

How To Keep Your Teeth White While Sipping Beverages This summer

by Rachael Moshman

Coffee, tea and wine stain teeth. Here are some suggestions how to keep your teeth white while still enjoying delicious beverages this summer.. Use a Straw Sipping through a straw reduces the amount of liquid with which your teeth come in contact. Drink through the little stir stick from the coffee shop instead of a straw. Do you feel silly drinking hot beverages this way? Reserve it for when you're alone or enjoying iced coffee. Drink Water between Beverages That Stain Enjoy potentially staining beverages in moderation, and drink water between each. Water is good for your overall health and will also help wash away dark liquids from the teeth. Try alternating a sip of coffee, tea or hot chocolate with a sip of water. As a bonus, your flavored beverage will last longer. Brush Your Teeth After The longer the liquid sits on your teeth, the more intense the staining will be. Carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with you so that you can freshen up after your coffee break.