• LaurenWallace

How To Whiten Teeth With Braces?

by Richard A Huot, DDS

Keeping teeth clean while undergoing an orthodontic treatment plan can be challenging, so many patients with braces consider special whitening methods. Knowing how to whiten teeth with braces isn't impossible, but special caution should be taken to avoid damaging the braces in the process. The most common orthodontic treatments are metal brackets on the front of the teeth, and metal brackets on the back of the teeth. Here are some of the best methods for teeth whitening recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) Mouth Healthy site, and how to approach whitening with any of these braces. In-Office Bleaching This procedure is often called "chairside bleaching," and usually requires only one or two office visits. A strong bleaching agent is applied to the teeth, along with a special light to accelerate the effect, depending on the case. Given the strength of in-office bleaching, patients may notice a two-tone effect after traditional metal brackets are removed, in which the color of exposed parts of your teeth are whiter than those that were covered up. Therefore, this procedure may show a prettier result if done after your braces are taken off. Since it is not necessary to whiten the teeth's back (lingual) surfaces, however, in-office bleaching should be relatively easy if you have braces on the back of your teeth. At-Home Bleaching Similar to in-office treatment, this bleaching material typically comes in a gel and is placed in a t