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Reviewing The most convenient, best tasting greens, on the planet. (Plus recipes)

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Lauren Wallace

June 14, 2022

"The most convenient, best tasting greens, on the planet...." That's a big claim, I know. And to admit, I was very skeptical when my husband first introduced me to this particular brand of greens. I had never even heard of Athletic Greens (aka AG1) until he introduced me, and honestly, I was not expecting a whole lot. David (my husband) happened to be listening to a podcast and overheard Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) start talking about this amazing brand of super greens, that were great for you and tasted amazing.

Here is your *spoiler alert*- It IS amazing. Link below to get yours and your FREE shaker bottle, FREE on-the-go packs, and a 1-years supply of Vitamin D3 + K2 Drops.

My Husband came home that day and said "Babe, DDP recommended these greens that you just scoop into water and it apparently tastes good and is really good for you. It's called AG1. I want to try it!"

Ok, so let me pause and give you some back story here. When I met him, my husband HATED vegetables, and I mean, he hated them passionately. Over the years I have gotten him to start including vegetables in his diet, but it was no easy task. He will eat tomato's, onions, spinach, peppers, etc... so long as they are literally liquified in tomato sauce/ salsa. We have even gotten him to a place where he will now eat broccoli, asparagus, squash, zucchini, and carrots, SO LONG as they are cooked to a point of total deterioration and are heavily salted. (It's a work in progress, but we will get there.)

He is the type that truly just doesn't want to know that vegetables are in something, and frankly, I have gotten quite skilled at making leftover kale and spinach "magically disappear" on spaghetti night. (Him and the kids have yet to find out that I switched them to chickpea pasta either, but we wont talk about that right now.) So, long story short, the pure idea that he would even THINK about telling me (the health nut) about wanting to TRY GREENS absolutely floored me. The whole thing was a blur. Once I realized that he was truly serious about trying this, that's when the PTSD of past greens powders kicked in.

I looked him dead in the face, rolled my eyes, and said "babe, there is no such thing as greens that taste good AND are actually good for you."

He (who has never even considered looking at greens) told me that Diamond Dallas Page (who was HUGE into juicing vegetables and fruits himself) actually stopped doing that because AG1 was so good. That caught my attention. You see, Diamond Dallas Page is no fake. He is the real deal who believes in treating your body like a temple. He's a believer who actually does it himself, every day. This is one of the reasons I find him admirable and take his word at face value. But still... the idea that greens could taste good, seemed like a stretch. Even then, getting my husband to actually drink greens sounded like a win, so I was skeptically on board.

I am going to pause one more time- If you have never read any of my blogs before, let me give you a brief introduction. Hi, I'm Lauren. I am a wife, mom to 4 crazy kids, a web developer, and have been frequently referred to as a super health nut. Several years ago, after I had our youngest, my body changed. Suddenly, I could no longer tolerate dairy, alcohols, gluten, sugar, corn, refined carbohydrates, or any type of processed meat or foods. I was diagnosed with an unknown autoimmune disease and Hypothyroidism and had to change my entire diet. Because of that, I have spent years studying Nutrition, just for my own application.

I am the complete opposite of my husband. I LOVE vegetables. I love wellness. And I love whole foods. I love all food and wont shy away from trying new foods. My friends and family make fun of me because I am always "that person" who has the really weird food at lunch. I'll try anything once, and I love to cook new dishes from all over the world. I believe in eating as healthy and sustainably as possible, and do not believe in waste. We have a full organic non-GMO heirloom garden in our backyard, our freezer is stocked with a grass fed beef, wild range hog, and a grass fed lamb from our local farm, wild harvested venison and wild caught fish, and free range poultry, and I recently convinced my husband to get organic free-range chickens and ducks! (I am so excited, you have no idea) We are dairy free, use local honey for any sweetener, and are the crazy people who have all natural, chemical/ toxin free everything. I make bone broth weekly (and the whole family loves it), drink collagen, colostrum, matcha, and bone broth protein, drink a gallon of water daily, take all of my vitamins and probiotics, and eat healthy. ALL of that being said, you would think that greens would be a no-brainer addition to my daily diet. Until now, that has not been the case.

I can tell you from experience that every brand of greens that I have tried, have tasted terrible. I mean like literal dirt. Dirt, in fact, might even taste better than the greens I have tried. And, If I happened to actually tasted good, it was packed with refined sugars and wasn't actually good for you. And I say that with all the love & disappointment in myself because I know how GOOD some of these brands are for you! The ingredients are always great... I just can't get them down, even when mixing them in juices. If you follow our blog at all you KNOW that I absolutely LOVE Dr. Josh Axe of Ancient Nutrition, and frequently post his articles. I am a firm believer in him, and his product. His research has closely aligned with several other doctors/ nutritionists who promote wellness and believe that food is medicine, and I have found his research to be the most enlightening. My whole family takes his supplements, and I personally use his product every single day. Why? Because it is phenomenal. I can see and feel a difference. I know that they are good ingredients. I take Ancient Nutrition Multi-Collagen daily, SBO probiotics or Ancient Probiotics, Matcha Elixer, Zinc, Multi-Vitamin, Digestive enzymes, Omegas, and recently added the Collagen Peptides as an additional source of collagen throughout the day. HUGE. FAN. I love all of it... except for the greens. Don't get me wrong, he has a lot of excellent reviews of the greens powder and I know a few people that love them. And, I will admit that I have not tried his new Watermelon greens, but, fruity/ candy flavors are not for me. I want to love it... but I just cant.

So, when my vegetable hating husband said that he wanted to try this AG1, I was very skeptical. I was pleasantly surprised that he was willing to try something like this though, so I got on board real quick. If I would have known that all it takes is a health enthusiast wrestling legend to get him to eat his vegetables, I would have hit up DDP a heck of a lot sooner.

So... AG1. Let's talk about it. I looked it up before ordering it and read the entire ingredients list thoroughly. I was extremely impressed with the amount of vitamins, superfoods, antioxidants, enzymes, adaptogens, and probiotics that were included in the blend. Of course, with it being so packed full of clean nutrients, this further solidified my assumption that it would taste terrible. I appreciated that the greens were convenient. And because it is also Vegan, Paleo, and Keto-friendly, it truly is built for everybody. It is "optimized for athletes, lifeletes, and everyone in between, and every AG1 scoop is like 9 health products working together as 1, giving you the equivalent of a multivitamin, minerals, probiotics and more." Furthermore, I value the companies integrity and transparency- Ag1 has crystal clear nutrition facts, with no hidden fillers or sketchy ingredients, and they went out of their way to outline and detail every single ingredient and their reason for putting it in there. Below I have broken down a few of their ingredients from their website, but definitely check out their site for the full breakdown. Or, click the Nutrition facts below to check out all of the ingredients.