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Rewire the Body | 1,200 calorie work days

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

This article was such a hit, we had to bring it out of the depths of my archive and repost for you guys. I updated everything to reflect the current months wellness challenge and the dietary restrictions involving gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and soda.

Ok, so I have had some response to my last blog- Calories in; Calories Out. Mostly, everyone is just asking how to achieve a 1200 calorie daily diet while following the challenge requirements, so I have included an example of a days complete diet below, including the times for the intermittent fasting option.

For the fasting, I try to do the 10:14, which means all of your eating and drinking happens in an 10 hour time frame, and you fast for 14 hours. The fast time can include sleep time. During fast it is important that nothing but water is consumed; for those who are very serious about fasting, this includes sport/ flavored water beverages, tea, and coffee. I have read that most people who do intermittent fasting will still drink cucumber water or hot lemon water as a natural flavor option. I still drink the infused water and black coffee. When I am no longer pregnant I will be moving to the 8:16. (8 hours to eat all of your meals with 16 hours of fasting) The most popular intermittent fasting app I have found was recommended by Joe Rogan in one of the recent podcasts I was listening to. Its called Zero the fasting tracker. Its wonderful if you have trouble remembering when you started and stopped your fast.

Regardless, this is an example of a typical daily routine for me during the work week:

C A L O R I E S I N : ( W O R K O U T D A Y )

9:30 am Breakfast:

300 calories

2 large eggs

3 links of chicken sausage (i use costco brand)

1 piece of gluten free toast

1 tb low calorie dairy free spread, to cook and spread


11:30 am Lunch:

410 calories

Whole grilled chicken salad

- 4 oz grilled chicken breast

- 2 cups spinach greens mix

- 1 whole roma tomato, sliced

- 2 tbs Lemon Turmeric Dressing ( i use real local honey)

Water with lemon

5:00 pm Dinner:

490 calories

6 oz baked Salmon, seasoned

1/2 cup white Rice (with soy sauce or ponzu)

1 cup steamed broccoli (dairy free butter, salt, + Pepper)

Sparkling water

= 1,200 calories

This should give everyone a pretty good idea of what a calorie deficit diet looks like. I supplement with Pure brand vitamins, fish oil/DHA, turmeric, vitamins, etc also. You can find a list here. Don't forget to download my favorite apps to make this journey easier on you!

Calorie Tracker: Loseit!

Fitness Tracker: JEFIT

Fasting Tracker: Zero

Happy dieting/ exercising & as always, Stay healthy, my friends!



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