• laurenjanowiecki

Rewire the Body | Eat This Not That

Sorry for the delay fam. We had our Mini Dental Implant day for a cause on Monday and that afternoon my 6 year old broke his arm at school. Needless to say I have been out for a couple days. To answer your questions- yes, he is doing great, he is a little trooper and handled everything super well. His pain has been manageable- we are just watching that finger swelling. We are all just trying to get back in the swing of life and get rest whenever we can.

So we have all heard and seen the different "eat this vs that" stuff. I know I have. And let me preface this by saying it is so great that we are trying to advance our modern food options by offering the 'healthy' version of things. But lets be honest, some of the modern substitutes for our favorite sinful foods, are absolutely horrible.

Have you ever had gluten free high protein low carb chickpea pasta.... yeah, its about as bad as you can imagine. You realllly have to pair it with a meaty & strong marinara to mask the strange chickpea flavor and texture, or rich flavorful bolognese for it to be even slightly enjoyable. Which, when I did do a bolognese I will admit it was decent. BUT... I tried it with tomato soup (my weird family tradition- don't judge) and for the first time in my life, didn't finish my bowl. All I could taste was the wierd pungent flavor and the texture was so off... And I can eat pretty much anything. It was rough. So moral of the story here is that healthy food swaps are not as easy as some will lead you to believe.

The fake sugars, healthy carb substitutes, and waxy 'chocolate' alternatives are not the only option for indulgence while retaining your girlish figure. Yes, your diet should be healthy. Ideally, it should not contain high amounts of saturated fats or refined sugars. However, I don't think replacing the "bad stuff" with tasteless and strangely textured alternatives needs to be the only option here. What I have found works best for me is this:


And yes, I do mean the full fat, full calorie, full carb pasta. That delicious hot bowl of spaghetti, take out box of pad Thai, or plate of crab & alfredo linguini. That decadent chocolate cake a la mode. BUT, only eat it once a week. Nobody is going to loose weight eating daily plates of 1,800 calorie crab and alfredo linguini (not the way I make it anyway) BUT, indulging in it every once in awhile- there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, when I eat the real thing, I end up eating far less calories than when I try to substitute that craving for something else.

Same with pizza. or Cake. Or ice cream. Whatever your 'thing' is, do it right, but don't do it often. Everything in moderation. Check out the example from Ilona below.