• laurenjanowiecki

Rewire the Body | Supplement Recipe

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

ohhh this is what I am most excited about! I LOVE concocting recipes. I love playing with flavors. I love maximizing the health benefits of recipes. & We all already know I LOVE cooking. So, this is going to be fun. I am going to be playing with protein, supplements, pre-workouts, BCAA's, essential oils, natural herbs & spices, & alll the current buzz health trends. I love learning and trying new ideas out so PLEASE send me things you love or want to try! Also, Continue to check back on this article as I continue to add more recipes as I come up with them.

First Things First, I came up with my idea of the perfect hydrating gym routine packed with all your protein, BCAA's, and electrolytes. Plus, its 100% delicious so you dont feel like you have to do that nose-pinching quick chug just to get it down. I even found bottles that work best for these so you can pre-prepare ahead of time and just go. Below, is everything you need for your daily 1 hour gym routine and will provide your body with:

82 oz of water (over half a gallon!) & 74 grams of protein

+ all the necessary electrolytes + essential oils + greens + BCAA's + Collagen + Vitamins you need for a strong work out and quick recovery.

I don't think I even could have made this easier.. use the Prostak interlocking jar system to make this easier. I broke it down this way in the instructions. Enjoy. I know I did.

Lets gooo.

1. Powerful Pre-workout:

Coconut Lime Protein Pre-workout:

9 grams protein | 90 calories | 16 oz water

(30 minutes before)

22oz BlenderBottle Prostak bottle

1 heaping scoop Bone Broth Protein Burst- Coconut Lime