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sponsor our Mini Dental Implant Day for a Cause

WE NEED SPONSORS!! Thomas C Volck, D.D.S. is looking for local business' to participate as sponsors for our Mini Dental Implant Day for a Cause. We have had a lot of inquiries and we have done our best to answer most of the FAQ's below!

Q: What are the sponsor packages?

A: There are 3 different sponsorship options listed below:

______ : PLATINUM SPONSORSHIP ($250)- (Limited Availability) Company logo featured on all promotional materials including: News Blast, TV/Radio Promotions, Tag & Shout out, T-Shirts, Banner Ads, Event Banners, Web Ads, Website, Social Media Platforms, Promotional Flyers, & Raffle Sponsorship Sign.

______ : GOLD SPONSORSHIP ($150) : Company logo featured on promotional materials including: Web Ads, T-Shirts, Banner Ad, Event Banner, Website, Social Media Platforms, & Promotional Flyers.

______ : GIFT CARD : All Gift Card donators will have their gift card placed in our raffle and logo featured on our Raffle Sponsorship Sign & Social Media Posts. GIFT CARD AMOUNT: $_______.


A: Mini Dental Implant Day for a Cause is our first ever fundraising event! We have partnered with Living word church, right here in Vandalia, to help them launch their Dayton feeding program- “The Gem City Initiative.” This program will be providing inner city children and families with fresh food and home cooked meals, delivered by food truck. Our goal for the event is to provide Living word church with $5,000- providing 5,000 spaghetti dinners to the program and all the equipment they will need to prepare it!


A: Mini Dental Implant Day for a Cause is March 11- but consultation appointments are very limited. We are only scheduling serious inquiries, as this is a high profile charity event. We are hoping to raise a minimum of $5,000 on the 11th for “The gem city initiative” so we invite our guests to come prepared to book treatment! If you’re not sure that mini dental implants are right for you, we are happy to book a consultation for you on another day! And, keep in mind ALL booked treatments must be paid in full same day in order to qualify for the event.


A: Our goal for the event is to provide Living word church with a minimum of $5,000- providing 5,000 spaghetti dinners and all the equipment they will need to prepare it! In addition to 5% of all booked treatment plans being donated to the cause, at the event you will also save 5% off treatment plans that are paid in full and receive a $100 gift card! Also, any guest that participates in bringing in a kitchen donation item, will be entered into our raffle- there is over $500 in prizes! You can find a full list of donation items on our website-


A: Simply put, a mini dental implant is a small screw-like device inserted through the gums and into the jaw. These implants are made of titanium and are designed to bond to your jaw bone- so it feels and acts just like the root of a tooth. MDI’s are used to replace missing teeth- this can be done in a few ways:

- To replace individual missing teeth, which can start around $2,900 (including crown)

- To hold in a full denture- so that you can eat whatever you want again! You can choose between a removable denture or a “fixed” (or permanent) denture. This procedure varies depending on what you need done, but can start around $5,500

- To replace a full upper or lower set of teeth and hold in a full Zirconia bridge instead of a denture, which can start around $14,525

Keep in mind- Mini Dental Implant consultations usually take about an hour and are at no charge to you. All treatments are individually quoted after a complimentary 3D Panoramic xray and oral exam. At that time, Dr. Volck will give you the treatment options he feels are best suited to your needs, with pricing. We can even go over insurance and financing options with you!

For the surgery itself- the implant process takes Dr. Volck only minutes! Most patients are given oral sedation medication, so you don’t have to be put under anesthesia and your gums and mouth are numbed so there is no pain. The recovery time is a matter of days or hours, and most patients only require Tylenol for any discomfort they may have. Our patients are thrilled to leave with a beautiful and strong smile- just read our reviews online!


A: For March 11, we are strictly offering serious mini dental implant consultations. However, that week we are honoring the same discount and donation for any scheduled treatment plan that is paid for in full, same day. We offer crowns, fillings, veneers, dentures, bridges, Botox and Juvederm, and plenty of other cosmetic and restorative procedures. We are also donating the same portion of all proceeds on all scheduled hygiene appointments, however, for any new patients, we would just be doing an initial exam. Like most dental offices, you would not get a cleaning same day- we would schedule that after your oral evaluation.

Q: Where do my logos go?

A: On all forms of marketing and advertisement both digital and physical marketing. See examples below.

There will also be over 5,000 brochures printed and distributed with sponsor logos on the back. Example:

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Easy! Just call marketing manager, Lauren Janowiecki at Dr. Volcks office -937-898-8990.

Thank you!!



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