• LaurenWallace

Summer Entertaining

Summer BBQ's and entertainment season is upon us. Pizza and Beer or grilled out Burgers & hot dogs are always a solid option, however, if you are anything like my little family, when we entertain, we like to do it up right. We just celebrated our "Housewarming and Baby BBQ" as we lovingly called it, yesterday. and It. was. a. blasttttt. We moved into our house in January, however, it hasn't been warm enough to really have a housewarming yet. and Grey wanted a "manly baby shower" for Kamila so we decided to combine that with our housewarming party and do it up BBQ style. We had great food, a great turn out, and an even better time.

For this event, we went with a way more relaxed menu than we usually would- fresh garden veggies, chips with queso blanco & pico, and chilled gazpacho with charred sourdough as our appetizers. For the main course, we brown-sugar-and-spice rubbed some baby back ribs, grilled italian sausages & brats, charred baked potatos in our fire pit, grilled so