• LaurenWallace

The Mechanics Of An Upper And Lower Jaw Expander

by Donna Pleis

Between the ages of six and 13, according to the American Dental Association (ADA) Mouth Healthy site, your child's baby teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth. Unfortunately, not every child's jaw is big enough to accommodate his adult set, resulting in crowding and misalignment. Removing a tooth as a part of orthodontic treatment is one solution, but an upper or lower jaw expander can make room for your child's permanent teeth without extraction. Upper Jaw Expander An upper jaw expander stretches the bone and cartilage of the palate in order to expand a growing child's arch and prevent crowding and cross bites. According to orthodontist Dr. Greg Jorgensen, successful palatal expansion treatment is done before the child's growth plate or midpalatal suture fuses –