• laurenjanowiecki

This weeks easy, healthy, & Cheap family dinners | Foil Packet dinners

One of my favorite time periods of my life was when my parents siblings and I would spend all of our weekends, Spring through Fall, at the campground. Hot days in the sun at the lake, warm fall afternoons climbing trees and reading books, cool evenings catching turtles and frogs, and the chilly nights roasting marshmallows and playing "dark tag"... those where the days. To this day the smell of bonfire, deep woods, or lake water takes me back to when life was so much simpler. Oh, if we could just go back. Back then, foil campfire dinners where one of my favorites. Mom would chop up all sorts of veggies and top it with fish, sausage, chicken, steak, or shrimp. Dad would grill the sealed foil packets until everything was steamed to perfection in all that melted butter and spices, and all of us kids would fight over every last zucchini bite. Life was good.<