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This weeks easy, healthy, & Cheap family dinners | Grill Out Season

Updated: May 14, 2019

You all know what time it is... grilling seasonnnnn! & let me tell you, I am THRILLED. Our daughter is due in 3 weeks and 3 days...(not that I'm counting lol).. and I think that these easy to prep grilled meals are going to have to sustain our little family for the first few weeks. (and yes Grey is an excellent cook- he can cook literally anything... the whole grilling option is more of a preference at the moment haha) BUT for those of you with husbands who only cook when there is charcoal and open flame, these are for you. you're welcome.

ok, so full disclosure these are your non-traditional options for grilling out- lets be honest, everyone knows how to grill a hamburger or a hot dog. With this article, I wanted to show you just how many options you actually have for your grill. I have compiled a few recipes that are delicious and ALL the protein and veg is cooked on the grill. All you have to "cook" in the kitchen is a simple side like plain white rice in a rice cooker. everything else, goes to hubby. These meals are wonderfully RIDICULOUSLY healthy and absolutely delicious- and you can use the basics and put your own flavor twist on it. I kinda bounced between a few different protein/ veg/ flavor profiles, but you can easily mix and match. And I, of course, covered all the bases- pork, fish, shellfish, beef, and chicken.

I hope you all enjoy as much as I am going to!

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