• laurenjanowiecki

Vegan. Vegetarian. Gluten Free. | Minestrone

I love my recipe blogs. I spend hours on them. And I love food. (I spend hours on that too hehe) So when I get feedback on what kind of recipes y’all want to read about, I take that and run with it. A few common inquiries I get are all about meals for people with food restrictions or alternative dietary choices. While pretty much all of my meals are ‘Clean’ and any of them could be organic (just purchase organic ingredients), most of them are not vegan. So, I am going to start posting meals that offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Every once in a while, I may even offer up a paleo or Keto option. So here goes.

You have asked- I delivered. To all my Vegan, vegetarian, and/ or Gluten Free Loves out there- here you go! You can customize this dish all by just selecting the pasta that works best for you.

Though I am by no means gluten free or a vegan, I still can appreciate a hearty and guilt free vegetarian/ Vegan meal. This is my favorite. You can make this dish 3 different ways- vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free- the only difference is your noodle selection. This Minestrone, unlike some, is packed full of all the squash, beans, and super greens. This is a vegetarian SUPER soup and it’s a winner all around the table. I hope you adore this one as much as we do!

Easy: Total prep time: 10 min Crock pot time: 8 hr Cook Time: 10-25 min

Healthy: Calories vary between 210-350 calories and offers almost 5 servings of vegetables per serving.

Cheap: $14 (your gluten free and/ or vegan pasta is going to make that price vary also)

Note: Most pasta is vegan- just make sure to check the ingredients on the back and check for egg.