• laurenjanowiecki

What you DON'T know about Vitamins.

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

by Lauren Janowiecki | Thomas C. Volck, D.D.S | 7/12/18

Most people have heard those broken-record phrases from your heath care provider:"Are you taking your vitamins?" "Are you getting enough calcium?" "Are you taking vitamin 'C'?"

We casually roll our eyes and think to ourselves "I'm healthy. I eat healthy. I exercise. Do I really need vitamins?"

There has been a LOT of controversy about this topic lately- taking it as far as radio broadcast and early morning news discussions. Everyone seems to have different opinions about vitamins. I've heard discussions with extremest view points- everything from "[Vitamins] are just a scam so pharmacists/ doctors can line their own pockets" to "if you don't take [vitamins], you will surely perish immediately." After hearing such controversy, more than a few times, I just had to tackle the topic myself.

To be honest, I personally, had a nonchalant attitude towards vitamins and supplements for years. Don't get me wrong, I was totally fine with taking a chew-able zoo animal shaped multi vitamin every day. That is , if I remembered. But I can say for certain that I did not make it a priority. I mean, I was healthy right? I ate my fruits and my vegetables, I didn't eat a lot of fast food, and I maintained a pretty active life style. I never disliked taking vitamins. I just found that, for me personally, it was not a priority; and I didn't really think it was necessary to make it one.

It was not until I was post-partum, with high stress, and a poor daily eating schedule that I really started to see the effects of vitamin deficiency. My nails started to thin and break. My complexion was effected- I found that even in my adult years I was breaking out, I had dark circles appearing much more frequently, and my overall skin seemed dryer and less elastic than before. My teeth seemed soft and loose and where wearing down on the surfaces. These negative effects where annoying- but nothing that, I personally, couldn't work around. However- when it came to my hair- that, was a completely different story.

My once long, thick, shiny hair slowly started to thin, break, and loose all volume and vibrancy. It got to the point that my hair was not only fragile and short (without cutting it) but it was falling out- a lot. My hair stylist recommended that I stop highlighting it and dye it all dark so I didn't have to touch it up frequently, so I did. I purchased the highest quality shampoo, conditioner, leave in products, and oils. She also gave me tips on hair cutical and folical care. I researched diet tips to increase nutrients necessary in building strong hair, skin, and nails.

I spent money. I drank water. I b