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Ditch the metal; ClearCorrect vs Braces

We kept this post short and sweet. (you're welcome) ClearCorrect treatment has become a very popular treatment for teens as well as adults in the past few years. There are many reasons why they are rated as one of the number-one options for realigning teeth, a few of which we quickly covered below.

ClearCorrect is custom made with modern 3D technology to ensure the perfect fit. This means that each aligner that is provided to you by Dr. Thomas Volck has been specifically made for you based on impressions, intro-oral scans, and X-rays of your teeth. The aligners are conveniently replaced every few weeks/ months to keep your teeth adjusting correctly.

Although traditional metal braces do the job, they aren’t always comfortable, and are always super obvious. They have to be adjusted every month and can cause some soreness for several days after. The rubber bands and brackets can also be an aggravation while eating and even cause sores. ClearCorrect is smooth, painless, and completely invisible- the far superior choice in our opinion.

Unlike traditional braces ClearCorrect is easily removable- which means you can eat, drink, and brush/ floss as easy as possible. This also helps greatly with oral hygiene. Clear Correct also causes less soreness after changing to new aligners versus getting the traditional braces adjusted, and, there is also no mouth irritation due to not having wires or brackets to deal with.

Overall, ClearCorrect is more desired because of the above options and incredible convenience. Make an appointment at our Vandalia, OH office today to see if ClearCorrect will work for your individual orthodontic needs, today. 937-898-8990. See, I told you this one was short and sweet!



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