• LaurenWallace

How to Get Rid of Dark Stains on Teeth

A discolored smile is rarely a welcome sight, and often a sign of an underlying medical condition. If your teeth appear dark, are spotted with stains, and have taken on a muddy-like hue, it’s crucial to schedule a visit with your dentist. Causes of dark Stains on Teeth Dark stains on teeth can be the result of either extrinsic (outer) or intrinsic (inner) causes.

  • Extrinsic causes include foods or beverages that stain, tartar buildup, tobacco use, trauma or damage to the enamel, or a side effect of certain topical medications

  • Intrinsic causes are decay, cavities, trauma, certain medications, and infection of the root or pulp (innermost layer of the tooth)

Symptoms of Dark Teeth If dark staining is caused by decay or infection, the discoloration will often begin on the i