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rewire the body. | supplements

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

You all have seen our Rewire series on the blog, which focuses on mental health, and our last article focusing specifically on anxiety. We had a great response from Rewire the brain so we are stemming from that with our "Rewire the Body" series. Keeping in mind that mental and physical health go hand in hand the following information is beneficial for both topics. Nutrition, Exercise, vitamins, and supplements all play a key role in whole body health. And health, is what we are all about.

We post recipes on our blog- not just to taste good or give you that Wednesday night dinner idea you where searching for; but to offer healthy options for you and the family. Our recipes are (usually) high in protein and offer multiple servings of vegetables- plus they taste great. We are also going to be touching on a few fun subjects that we have had questions about recently- including all the buzz nutrition and supplements everyone is swearing by. First on the list today, is Supplements. Let's dig in.

Many of you are having that frantic meltdown moment in your lives right now- Summer is almost here, and your bikini from last year is not quite fitting properly. For me- I. feel. this. Baby girl is due in June and I'm looking more and more whale-like each passing day. SO. how do we fix this? Is there a magical diet that will make you shed the pounds? Is there a special pill? What is the secret? It comes down to a very simple science. One you have probably already heard about. This will still come as a shocker to many of you... (drum roll pelase)


I know. I know. Its annoying. But it is the truth. I've read the millions of diets, the hundreds of workout programs, and heard all the "miracle supplements" on the market. Haven't we all? And, unfortunately it comes down to the simple scientific formula- calories in, calories out. SO, is there a proven diet and exercise combination? Yes, literally thousands. google the word 'diet' or "work out plan" and just see how many different options present themselves. So which one works? Do they all work? Do none of them work? What's the answer? Well, I don't know. And to be honest- i think that is going to vary from person to person. But I'm ready to start finding out. Today, I want to discuss the Diet portion of this subject- specifically involving supplements. Why? because I love this stuff. I like learning about the molecular breakdown of what each vitamin does. I love learning about the absorption process and reading about different metabolic tricks. I LOVE IT ALL. So, I'm learning more.

I read a lot of what Dr. Axe has to say on his blog and have recently made some pretty ridiculously large purchases on to try some of his miracle supplements out myself. For Dr. Axe, his key to the world of weight loss and a healthy body is Broken down into Diet, supplements, and Exercise (obviously). So lets dig into that. In his article titled "How to lose 20 lbs in 30 days" he states that the big 4 key ingredients to success are:

No. 1. Remove the Metabolism Death Foods

No. 2. Eat the 4 Fat-Burning Foods Daily

No. 3. Exercise Less to Lose More Weight

No. 4. Top Supplements for Fat Loss

So, I'm going to take the less traditional rout and start from the end of the list and work myself back up. Why? Because shopping is fun and I like tasting things lol


Dr. Axe's list of must have's includes:

1. PROTEIN (Grass-Fed Protein Powder)

2. GREENS (Green Superfood Powder)

3. VITAMINS (Fish Oil & Vitamin D)

4. Essential Oils

Plus, i added a few of my own.

So from a general workout standpoint you want to take your 1. pre-workout, 2. protein, 3. Greens, 4. Recovery supplements (BCAA's), & 5. Vitamins, right? Yes. Well, Dr. Axe sells most of the above, plus claims essential oil benefits as well, so I shopped around his website and made a few hundred dollars worth of purchases in the name of research. Plus I hit up my local GNC for the BCAA's & Dr. Thomas Volck hooked me up with a bunch of Pure brand Vitamins that are always a plus for the busy working humans out there not able to get enough nutrition from food each day. Below you will find the favorites that I purchased in each category. I have no doubt these are all super healthy for me, but flavor reviews will, of course, follow.

1. pre-workout

Bone Broth Protein™ BURST:

Ok so, this has both Protein + Greens IN the preworkout... uh, yes. thank you.

Boosts Energy

Reduces Fatigue

Helps Enhance Focus

Supports Mental Stamina

Bone Broth Protein BURST is an energizing pre-workout fuel like nothing you’ve seen before. Some of my favorite features of these pre-workout options I have highlighted below.

It’s a powerful pre-workout supercharged with:

Ancient Superfoods

Adaptogenic Herbs

Organic Coffee Berry

Organic Fermented Green Coffee


Yerba Mate

Green Tea

Concentrated bone broth protein

organic alfalfa grass juice

8 grams of protein

500% DV of vitamin B12

50mg of natural caffeine

But that’s not all. It also contains clinically studied Organic Ashwagandha and Apple Cider Vinegar—for body & gut cleansing and natural stress support.

I have intentions of mixing this with:

Cucumber Lime Collagen Protein &

Organic Coconut Water

You can buy this set here.

Email me directly to get your $10 off code for your first purchase.


2. Protein

Bone Broth Protein- Pineapple Greens

Let’s face it — most of us are falling short when it comes to fueling up with enough greens. If you’re looking to work more chlorophyll-rich superfoods into your life, alfalfa grass juice is where it’s at. It truly stands the test of time; alfalfa’s been a mainstay of the Chinese health culture for centuries. But Americans aren’t just missing out on their greens.. As we age, our collagen levels start to slip, too.

Today’s diet is often missing important nutrients and beneficial compounds that our ancestors enjoyed, including collagen, known as the “glue that holds us together.”

The most abundant protein in our bodies, it’s vital to many aspects of our health. Did you know collagen is found mostly in our bodies’ tendons, tissues, bones and skin, providing structure and strength? But a number of factors can impact collagen levels in the body, including natural and modern-day threats. Thankfully, consuming collagen-rich foods and supplementing with collagen peptides found naturally in bone broth can support:

Healthy skin elasticity and skin hydration

Healthy skin

Healthy joint function

A healthy gut

My Favorite Ingredients:

Ancient Superfood Greens:

Considered to be one of the richest land sources of trace minerals, alfalfa has been a mainstay of a traditional Chinese diet since the 6th century. This unique greens formulation has organic alfalfa grass juice as well as organic oat grass juice.  

Alfalfa Grass Juice supports:

Bone health†Cardiovascular health†Healthy weight management†Healthy detoxification†

Oat Grass Juice supports:

Bone health†Cardiovascular health†Healthy weight management†Healthy detoxification†

Beef Bone Broth:

Grass-fed beef bone broth found in Bone Broth Protein Greens-Pineapple

Features Types I and III collagen. Beef collagen is also known as bovine cartilage or beef collagen Types I collagen and III collagen are the major components of skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, gums, teeth, eyes and blood vessels. Just FYI Together, types I and III collagen make up approximately 90 percent of the collagen in our bodies


Healthy skin elasticity and skin hydration

Supports healthy skin

Healthy joint function

A healthy gut

I have intentions of mixing this with:

Organic Supergreens

Keto Matcha Superfood Drink

Organic Coconut Milk

You can buy this here.

Email me directly to get your $10 off code for your first purchase.

Bone Broth Protein- Coffee

You get the point with the Protein above... this is just a different flavor so I'm not going to bore you. The benefits (aside from delicious coffee flavored goodness) are:

20g protein, 2g carbs, 1g sugar

Supports a healthy gut, skin, joints, and immunity

Featuring collagen type II, glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and 19 amino acids

From non-GMO, hormone free, cage free and cruelty free sources.

I have intentions of mixing this with:

Keto Cocoa Superfood Drink

Keto Cold Brew Superfood Drink

Cold Brew Collagen &

Zico Chocolate Coconut water.

You can buy this here.

Email me directly to get your $10 off code for your first purchase.

Multi Collagen Protein- Cucumber Lime

Cucumber Lime flavor, lightly sweetened with stevia

9g protein, 0g carbs, 0g fat

Supports a healthy gut, skin and joints

Features Collagen type I, II, III, V and X

From non-GMO, grass fed, hormone free, cage free and cruelty free sources

From 4 food sources (beef, chicken, fish and eggshell membrane)

(I am so excited for this, I cannot even explain.)

I have intentions of mixing this with:

Keto Matcha Superfood or

Organic Supergreens &