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Rewire the Body | Collagen & Bone Broth

Updated: Apr 6

So, you all know I' m a long time fan of Dr. Axe and his Ancient Nutrition Line of natural healthy protein powders, supplements, & vitamins. Well, I received this email from him today and I had to share.

Following Article by Dr. Axe

"So, Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Let’s get this unfortunate fact out of the way first . . .

Collagen is going to diminish with age. Period.

It’s unavoidable. Throughout your life, collagen fibers are constantly breaking down and regenerating. But as you age, your body has a harder time manufacturing collagen at a speed that keeps up with the breakdown rate.

This can translate into wrinkles and other signs of accelerated aging, joint pain and more.

But people today may be losing collagen at a much faster pace compared to our ancient ancestors.


Because many of the “collagen killers” on the following list are unique to our modern-day times.

Since age isn’t the only factor draining your collagen levels, it’s time to start paying attention to — and avoiding — these 10 lifestyle factors considered to be “collagen killers.”

10 Surprising Collagen Killers: